Legal Separation Agreement

A separation agreement is the name for a legally binding contract between spouses (married or common-law) who intend to separate from each other. They may intend the separation to be permanent or they may hope to get back together at some time. Either way, the separation agreement can help by clearly setting out the rights and responsibilities of the two spouses from this point forward.

Some of the most important issues separation agreements can deal with are:

  • how children are to be raised, who will have custody
  • who children are to live with, terms of visitation or access, and when these visits are to occur
  • who is to pay child support and how much
  • how property, real estate, pensions, etc. are to be divided
  • whether spousal support is to be paid and if so, how much
  • Even if you have already divided your property, what happens if one of you defaults on a debt? Could the other be obliged to pay it? Can one spouse make a claim for a portion of the other's pension? These things can be settled by having a separation agreement.

    One thing a separation agreement cannot do is terminate a marriage, this can only be done by a court in granting a divorce.

    A separation agreement is never a requirement, but it is almost always a good thing to have. Our service makes the wise decision to have one also an easy decision by keeping the cost as low as possible. For just $49 we will provide you with a comprehensive legal separation agreement package, fully editable on your computer with complete instructions.

    The package we provide includes a computer file in Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, and RTF (Rich Text Format) formats so no matter what word processor you use, you will be able to open, edit, print, revise, and save your separation agreement. You will see that the file contains standard wording and multiple optional clauses so you can easily assemble an agreement that reflects the arrangement you have worked out with your spouse. Our package includes forms for common-law spouses and for legally married spouses (both including same-sex relationships).

    Our package makes a great negotiation tool by providing a handy checklist of the issues typically covered in an agreement. It also makes a great way to prepare you to instruct your lawyer and to understand his or her advice.

    But ... if you want to permanently end your marriage you need a divorce.

    We also offer a divorce document assembly service where we provide you with the ready-to-file legal documents to apply for divorce. For that service we charge $249 and we include the separation agreement package free of charge. If you anticipate that your separation will be the first step on the road to divorce, buying our divorce document assembly service now may be the right option for you. That will entitle you to the separation agreement package now, free of charge, and you can use the divorce documents at any time in the future. We provide unlimited free revisions so no matter when you need to use the documents, we will make whatever changes you need to bring your documents up to date.

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